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Welcome to the podcast where I force my mom to watch the movies I like.
Who hasn't always dreamed of stealing the remote?

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Sep 9, 2017

We get started on The Lord of the Rings epic with Peter Jackson’s The Fellowship of the Ring! First I had to say sorry for misrepresenting the movie I showed Mom, then we recap all our experiences with The Hobbit trilogy and the Harry Potter octology for some reason. A friend of mine is with us in spirit, even if she didn’t want to actually be on the show to profess her love for the books in English. Mom recommends Edgar Allan Poe to me, mentions Predator out of nowhere, we argue about statues and whether or not Michelangelo’s David has arms, I turn out to be right, she confuses some American landmarks, and we bring it full circle with an Asterix reference – trust me. Mom also makes some interesting predictions for the next couple of films and we scroll through Ian McKellen’s filmography LIVE on air! I also spoil Atomic Blonde, so, you know, watch out for that.

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