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Welcome to the podcast where I force my mom to watch the movies I like.
Who hasn't always dreamed of stealing the remote?

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Aug 22, 2017

We finally tackle a Marvel movie, starting off with the MCU and therefore Jon Favreau’s Iron Man! As we discuss the film that kicked off the cinematic universe craze, I struggle to keep mom from switching to other films she happens to have seen before the end of the episode and ultimately fail, we discuss ancient technology from the eighties and of course the whining of Pepper Potts. Part of the recording started to skip part of every sentence, so you’re missing out on our opinions on the quality of Arabic in Iron Man (no clue) compared to German and Russian in Atomic Blonde (cringe-worthy) and Dutch/Flemish in Wonder Woman (horrific). You do, however, get to listen to me having to explain that the Department of Homeland Security isn’t fictional, but S.H.I.E.L.D. definitely is. I wish you could also see my face when mom says she didn’t recognize Samuel L. Jackson, but such are the limits of the medium. Mom saying “shit” never gets old, we guess wrong on whether or not The Omen is older than The Shining or not, and mom still sort of spoils Wakefield for me. Also, enjoy a bunch of barking in the background, courtesy of Amy and Lizzy!

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