S01E14 – Batman Begins (2005)

In this episode we finally get to Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins! That is to say, after we talk about protecting your children from scary movies, my little brother’s school trip, and our own future traveling. We also confuse Mr. Bean and Johnny English, try to make sense of Batman’s “no killing” rule, mom insults Cillian Murphy’s face for a bit, we review Morgan Freeman’s beer commercial, and look forward to the guy from Brokeback Mountain in the next installment. I try to explain the horrors of Batman & Robin to someone who has thankfully never been exposed to the movie, we trail off into 007 territory, I confuse a Bond girl for Bond, struggle to remember Olga Kurylenko’s name, mom gives the perfect description of Adam West, and insults Amy Adams when I show her the latest Justice League trailer. She warms up to Ben Affleck, but then proceeds to call a DC show I love “stupid”, so it’s a small win. Talking about the detective show she spent this week on, she confuses actors that look nothing alike; talking about Taylor Sheridan’s Wind River, I forget to mention Elizabeth Olsen is also in a Marvel movie – even together with Jeremy Renner. Mom compares it to two LGBTQ+ related films in a row for some reason and we somehow end up discussing Tarantino as well.

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Intro Music: “Immortal” by Fleslit
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